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Finding a good bike for your child

Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in Bicycles For Children, Cycling, Types Of Bicycles | Comments Off on Finding a good bike for your child

Finding a good bike for your child

There is a really big choice when it comes to bikes for children of all ages and some parents are at loss in what to buy. When you enter in a shop that sells bikes for children you will understand the choice they have to make, from bikes for the youngest kids, over mountain bikes for children and BMXs up to full scale racing bikes (scaled down for all ages, of course). Now, I could go on and list you top 10 youth 24 inch mountain bikes, but that will not tell you anything about the kind of bike for your child. Instead of that I will give you a list of things you should look into when you go to buy a bicycle for your child.

The size of the bicycle is determined differently for children and for adults. The size of the bike for adults is determined by the size of the frame. On the other hands the size for children bikes is determined by the size of tires. The size of tires for children goes from 12 inches that are bikes for the youngest children up to 24 inches which is a size for teenagers.

Then it comes to comfort and whether the bike fits. Many parents are inclined to buy bigger bikes, so children can grow up into them. This is a common mistake. A bike that is too big for a child might lead to injuries. A child should be able to sit in the saddle and grab handles without stretching their arms. They should also be able to reach pedals without any issues and they must be able to stand in front of the saddle with few inches of clearance between them and the top tube. This is especially important for children’s mountain bikes. It is better not to buy a bike that is too big for a child than buying one like that and causing an injury to the child.

We adults can negate the weight of a bike with pure strength which is not a case with children. Children bikes that are too heavy will place more pressure on the muscles of the children, and that is not the point of buying a bike to a kid.

Once again this is multiplied for mountain bikes. Mountain cycling is exhausting hobby, and over-weight bike will not do anything good. Cheap children bikes are still made out of full steel and they are very heavy. If you want to buy a bike for your kid, either give a bit more money and buy good bike or don’t buy it at all.

If your child is a teenager then don’t buy them bikes whose tires are beneath 20 inches. Bikes whose tires are beneath that size have only one gear which is not good for teenagers that would like to go on nearby hill or mountain and enjoy some mountain cycling. If your teenager has smaller build then consider 20 inch wheeled bikes for them, and if their constitution is bigger, then 24 inch wheeled bikes are the best choice.

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The best 24 inch wheeled mountain bikes

Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Cycling, Innovations In Cycling, Types Of Bicycles | Comments Off on The best 24 inch wheeled mountain bikes

The best 24 inch wheeled mountain bikes

There is a quite a choice when you are buying mountain bikes, but sadly that choice is not the same for youngsters. Manufacturers are not concentrating a lot of production into making mountain bikes for teenagers and children, which makes the general offer poor. But there are still some manufacturers that do try to come out with good products. In this article, I will not give you top 10 youth 24 inch mountain bikes, but I will throw in several good products on the market.

But before I give you a product or two that you can Google out more, I will give you some advice on buying 24 inches wheeled mountain bikes, but this advice can be used for other sizes of kid’s mountain bikes as well.

First of all, you should try to find used mountain bikes. It will not be easy because they are sold quite fast. Those that are not sold as fast are probably of low quality and you should avoid them. But if you do find used kid’s mountain bike made by a good manufacturer then grab it.

Suspension in the world of kid’s mountain bikes is nearly non-existent. There are only one or two bikes with full suspension, but full suspension is not really necessary for younger children. There are few good bikes with front fork suspension, and that is what you should be looking for. In general, kids and even teenagers will not go down technical rocky routes and the full suspension will just add additional weight to the bike. But front fork suspension is necessary for good handling over all other types of off-road terrain.

Two more things are important, brakes and bike weight. For weight, you should look for aluminum bike frames. No bike sold in Wal-Mart and similar stores is like that, they are cheap and heavy which is bad. Go to the official bike store and there you will find bikes that are really made for mountains. And when it comes to brakes, you should buy a bike with disc brakes. The other type of brakes is good for city bikes, but for off-road biking disc brakes are a must.

MT 220 Girl’s is one of the best mountain bikes for girls. This bike is made for kids from 12-13 up to 18-20. The frame and adjustability of it make it possible for a kid to ride it for several years without losing comfort along the time. Its crank is adjustable and you can change the position of the pedals so if you grow the bike will change with you.

Scott Voltage Junior 24-inch is another great mountain bike for kids. This bike’s frame is made out of aluminum and it is really lightweight as mountain bikes should be. The original suspension on this bicycle is front fork suspension 50mm, but you can ask for stronger suspension, 100 or 120mm. This bike comes with linear-pull brakes and versatile off-road tires that provide good traction on packed trails. Once you buy it you will get one tune-up for free.

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Main differences between men’s and women’s bicycles

Posted by on Feb 21, 2016 in Types Of Bicycles | Comments Off on Main differences between men’s and women’s bicycles

Main differences between men’s and women’s bicycles

Choosing a bicycle may not be an easy task at all, considering that there are bicycles of all sizes and designs, for various purposes, and they fall within a very wide price range. In addition to all the criteria bikes can be labeled, there are also bikes intended for men and those intended for women. You probably know about this division, but you may not know what exactly is different between men’s and women’s bicycles. In this article, we will introduce some of the basic differences between the two.

Frame shape – this is the difference that is usually spotted first. The top tube of the frame, which connects the handlebars and the seat, is most commonly not the same on men’s and women’s bicycles. On men’s bicycles, this bar is parallel to the ground, while on women’s bikes it is usually slanted down, which makes the bicycle easier to mount. Since women sometimes ride bikes wearing skirt, this shape of the tube makes it easier and more comfortable to ride. If the top tube is not slanted down, then it is shorter than on the men’s bikes – because women usually have shorter torsos, and this kind of bar provides them with more comfort while riding.

Saddle – the shape of the saddle can be designed so it fits bot men and women. It is suitable for shorter rides, but for long rides it can be highly uncomfortable. Best mountain bikes for ladies have wider saddles, while bikes for men have longer, more narrow saddle.

Different angles of head and seat tube – because of the shorter top tube, the head tube and the seat tube need to be adjusted so that stability is achieved. This is why, on women’s bicycles, the seat tubes are slightly steeper than the ones on men’s bicycles.

Crank length – women tend to have longer legs than torsos, but because of men’s heights, they legs are still usually longer than women’s. This is why crank length on women’s bicycles is usually slightly shorter, so that women can comfortably reach the bottom of their pedal stroke.

Handlebars – another difference in male and female anatomy is the width of their shoulders. Since women have narrower shoulders, the handlebars on women’s bikes are narrower than those on men’s bikes. Because of the shorter torsos in women, the handlebar stem is also shorter on women’s bicycles, making it possible for women to reach the handlebar more comfortably and more safely.

Brakesand grips – grips on women’s bikes often tend to be smaller, because women generally have smaller hands than men. For the same reason, the brake levers also sometimes have shorter reach, so that they fit smaller hands.

Even though there are differences between men’s and women’s bikes, they are based on general differences in anatomy. It is still important to try out the bike you wish to buy and to take it for a test ride, because not every bicycle fits every person or every purpose.

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Choose the right mountain bike for you

Posted by on Feb 7, 2016 in Cycling, Types Of Bicycles | Comments Off on Choose the right mountain bike for you

Choose the right mountain bike for you

In the recent times, a large number of people is choosing bicycle riding over cars and other forms of transportation and relaxation, the reason why is pretty simple – the more physical activity the healthier life and the thing we all need right now is a healthy lifestyle. Some people prefer riding mountain bikes, besides providing them with healthy physical activity it gives you the pleasure of spending your time in nature, observing wildlife and spending calories in the process.

The important thing for women to know when they are choosing the right mountain bike is that it really does not have to be a bike specially made for women, it is an individual thing and will the certain bike be suitable for you depends only on your body type and skill. Things to consider when buying women’s mountain bike for travelingare numerous, however here are several that are most important for your trip to be comfortable and enjoyable.

We already mentioned that the thing that is most important about mountain bike whether it suits you and your body type. Women are generally smaller and weaker than men, that is why manufacturers designed women’s bicycles. Depending on your body shape and size you can determine which bike is the best for you, not paying attention to its type.

The most manufacturers design women bicycles to match short torso and long legs body shape – if you belong to this group of women than there won’t be a problem choosing a mountain bike for yourself.

The second thing you should surely do is trying and sitting on it before buying it. Bike shop employees will usually let you do that since that is the only way to find out if something suits you or not. That is why online shopping is a little harder when it comes to bike shopping, however even that can be accomplished if you know what size and shape of a bike you are looking for. Size is the crucial thing when you are choosing the right mountain bike for you, especially if you are heading somewhere far away, long trips on a bike that is not suitable for you can have multiple consequences you surely would not like. If you choose a bigger mountain bike, your movements and riding would be much more difficult and it won’t be a pleasure to you anymore. Choosing a too small mountain bike is also a mistake and your riding will also be more difficult especially pedaling.

Alteration depending on your weight, body shape and size should be available at every bike shop, this means that before heading to a road, you should check your bike and make sure it is fitting you perfectly. The last thing you would want is to end up complaining about your bike the whole trip, traveling by bike should be enjoyable and fun, not painful and tiresome, also make sure you wear all the additional safety equipment.

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Choose the right bicycles for you and your child

Posted by on Jan 16, 2016 in Bicycles For Children | Comments Off on Choose the right bicycles for you and your child

Choose the right bicycles for you and your child

Riding bicycles is slowly but surely becoming the most wanted transportation form, besides not having to walk and spend your time on that, cycling has several more benefits. In these times when the technology is ruling our world, obtaining healthy lifestyle for you and for your family can be a pretty hard thing to do. Cycling can bring health to your life, and besides health benefits it will help you create a bond with your children and spend more quality family time together. That is why a large number of people today chooses to go cycling with children and relax themselves in nature.

Children do not have to be of certain age to be able to cycle with you, everything they need to know is how to ride a bike and your job is to learn them. Also, if your kids are too small, there are always ways to carry them with you on your bicycles, this way it will quickly become their routine and they will look forward to cycling with you when they grow up.

Choosing mountain bikes for cycling with kids can be pretty tricky, first you will have to choose the right gear and bikes for every stage of your child’s development, choosing a bike for you is a bit easier. However, you can decide what you like and you know what type of bike is suitable for your body shape and size, choosing a right bike for your little one can be hard but you as a parent should know the preferences of your child better than anyone. Here are a few suggestions you might want to take into consideration when choosing bikes.

Since kids are growing fast and, therefore, bikes have to be changed you should decide if you want to buy a brand new bicycle or a second hand one. Depending on the number of years you think your child would be using certain bikes you should know what is the best for you, your kid and your financial situation. Of course before buying second hand bike, be sure there were no serious accidents that bike suffered, check it and if it is correct and you think your child could use it without any hesitation buy it.

The second most important thing is that a bike’s age is appropriate for your child. The best choice if you are having a baby or a toddler are surely bike seats and trailers. When your toddler grows a little, the best thing you could do is buy a balance and training bikes – those are the bikes we all had when we were little that learned us to love bikes.

Coupler bikes are the next big thing about cycling with your kids, this type of bike allows you to connect your child’s bike to yours when your little one becomes too tired to ride, besides coupler you can choose a tandem bike. When your kid is about six or seven years old, it is the perfect time for his first real bike, be sure it is lightweight bike so that your kid can be comfortable riding it.

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Choosing bikes for cycling with kids

Posted by on Jan 10, 2016 in Bicycles For Children, Cycling, Innovations In Cycling | Comments Off on Choosing bikes for cycling with kids

Choosing bikes for cycling with kids

Cycling is an activity with plenty of benefits – it is good for the health and keeps you fit, it is environmental-friendly, it is exciting and it makes a great outdoor activity no matter if you ride on your own or in the company of others. Riding a bicycle is also a great family activity – it brings family closer together and enables them to spend exciting and happy moments together, while maintaining their health and staying fit at the same time.

Cycling with children requires a certain level of preparation, and it includes preparing both yourself and the child. Depending on the child’s age, you will need to equip him or her with the proper type of bicycle. For very young children, age 2 to 5, balance bikes are an ideal option. They are great for presenting the concept of bicycle to your child, they are fun and safe, and they are not complicated. Your child will learn to maintain balance on this bike, which is a great introduction for cycling when he or she gets older and gets the first bike with pedals.

Riding a tandem with tag along and trailer. That's family cycling.

From 4 to 8 years of age, your child is ready for a real bike, with pedals, brakes and maybe even several speeds. These bikes come with 16 inch wheels, and there is a possibility to attach training wheels in case the child still has not achieved perfect balance on the bicycle. There are BMX bikes and mountain bikes of this size, and they both come with a set of benefits. BMX bikes usually have steel frames, they come in a single speed and they are sturdy and durable. Mountain bikes come in several speeds, they usually have aluminum frame and chain retention discs, which minimize the chance of chain dropping. Both bike models sometimes come with stabilizers on the rear dropout, which helps children maintain balance while riding. Children from 9 years of age and older can ride 24 inch wheel bicycles, which are almost as large and complex as the bicycles for adults. These bikes come in a variety of shapes and in several models such as road bikes or mountain bikes. Considering that children at this age have managed to learn how to maintain balance, these bicycles do not come with stabilizers. There is slight difference in construction of these bikes from those of 26 inch and larger wheels. Since they are intended mostly for children, they usually have shorter crank, smaller handlebars and shorter-reach brake levers, to suit the children’s smaller hands and shorter arms.

Even though there are many benefits of cycling as a family, many people still hesitate when it comes to cycling with their children, especially if the children are very young. It is important to know that there is nothing to worry about if you introduce your child to cycling principles, rules and benefits on time.If you teach your child properly, provide him or her with safety equipment and dedicate yourself to choosing mountain bikes for cycling with kids, both you and your child will enjoy the activity of cycling together.

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